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About 360kmall
360kmall inc., imagine finding a better way to shop and buy anything without visiting several online or brick and mortar stores. That's what www.360kmall.com account offers you. A totally new way of shopping.

http://www.360Kmall.com complete 100° alternative to the way you shop today.

Now when you shop, you:-

 spend so much time going through sales flyers to find deals
 spend so much time clipping coupons to save money
 spend so much time driving from one store to another to shop
 spend so much searching on Google or other search engines to find deals sites
 spend so much time visiting retailers websites return by your search engine, one site at a time
 It becomes a painful chore trying to compare retailer’s prices on these sites and I can hear you saying, there must be a better way, right?
 At the end, you are left with an overwhelming tedious, stressful, time consuming shopping experience, right!
Now imagine a shopping experience where you don’t have to:-
 search throw thousands of flyers for sale deals
 clip coupons to save money
 drive from one store to another to shop
 waste time visiting one retailer website to another or
 simply do any of those things mention above that takes away the fun in shopping from you.
http://www.360kmall.com is the solution you need
 360kmall offer you a shopping experience you’ve never had before.
 Rather than searching through flyers, Google, clipping coupons, driving from one store to another, from one website to another, with http://www.360kmall.com you are able to enter one keyword or simply click one deals menu link and find yourself presented on the same screen countless offerings from multiple stores. This is like visiting and shopping from multiple stores at the same time without having to go through Google 100,000 retailer’s websites links or drive from one store to another or flips flyers. Imagine that.
 Imagine shopping everyday for designer and other high end products and not paying high end prices for these buys.
 360kmall prices are so good because we make it a duty to negotiate them for our members.
 Every day, we onboard new retailers that bring on incredible buys with discounts sometimes up to 80% off.
 At 360kmall, we make it easy for you to shop for yourself, your kids, your home or your professional life. Our goal is to become your one stop online shopping outlet mall
 This experience is reserved strictly only for our members.
 Membership is free for both shoppers and sellers.

360kmall for Retailers selling in a mall or commercial centre – we are your own Online Mall

 Selling in a shopping mall or commercial centre, gives you all the convenience and access to thousands of customers daily but it is pricey worsening your thin margins.
 Owning your own website on the internet is great but do you know how many retailers are trying to sell on the internet just like you? Billions. No kidding.
 Imagine looking for a needle in the haystack – do you want to make your retail business a needle in the haystack? I doubt.
 360kmall is your own global online mall and you can start selling today to the entire world if you chose or to only one country, province/state or even just your city for absolutely 100% free for the next 3 months.
 After 3 months, if you don’t sell anything, we will seat with you for free and look for better ways to help you sell your products and we will give you another 3 months for free.
 Once you’ve seen the power selling advantage of 360Kmall after 3 months or after 6 months, the choice to move forward becomes so simple. For every item of yours we sell on 360Kmall.com, we will charge you only 15% if you buy our one year membership for 246$ or 20% if you prefer not to be a member. The best of all is that…
 Your advertisement and marketing is on us. Imagine that!
 360Kmall gives you tools that help you stand ahead of the stack.
 You can showcase your items in our deal of day showcase seen by everyone regardless where in the world they are.
 You can showcase your items with our hot deals showcase also seen by default by everyone logging into 360kmall from your target selling areas.
 You can offer banner ads or
 We can even work with you to generate a target campaign for your special sell event.

360kmall for Shopping Mall Owners – A new revenue source

360Kmall is an innovative Cloud Marketing and Trading Platform that offers shopping malls management an opportunity to instantly create a new stream of revenues with very little cash investment by offering their retail outlet stores tenants a virtual option of their malls. This makes it easy for mall customers to easily find and buy products both online and in the mall stores. This solution synergistically offers both mall owners and their retail outlet stores tenants a new untapped revenue streams with very little cash investment and effort on their part. 360Kmall also offer a global trading marketplace solution for all their mall clients by enabling shoppers shopping at www.360kmall.com to also shop and buy from the websites of their mall clients seamlessly.

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If you need more information, please contact us at service [at] 360kmall.com