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How 360kmall works
360kmall – how it works - easy things may look complicated…it all depends on how you approach it. You have a need, a service need. You are busy. You haven’t really got time to run around. You don’t like wasting money; no one does. But you need this service sorted out with guaranteed peace of mind, 100% satisfaction and no worries thereafter.

Here is what we at 360kmall.com can do for you, guaranteed…

Or, we pay back your expenses in FULL… Picture this…

• You need a service provider because one of your appliances, plumbing, furnace… is broken down or you need some renovation work done in your house or you have this nagging personal or work problem and need someone to help sort things out but you don’t know where to find the right service provider; you don’t have to stress about it. Just call 403-719-5644 and one of our Service Point Analysts will take it from there. Whatever service need you have, personal, small, big or even a multi-million dollar project in any industry, this is not an issue. We got the answers for you.

For express personal or professional business services needs like,

• Cleaning your home or office, hauling dirt, gravel, sand, quick oil and gas field service run, fixing your appliances, service machinery, a simple plumbing/furnace failure, electrical failure in one of your appliances or machinery or any other job that you need done NOW, our Certified Express Service Providers is the answer. Simply call us and one of our Service Point Analyst, after understanding your service need(s) will either create and request for quotations for you, or post your service need as a project and invite qualified service contractors to bid for it, or show you a posted service deal opportunity posted by a qualified service provider that could meet your need while guaranteeing you some instant saving, or fix and confirm a service appointment for you with one or more of our Certified Express Service Providers. If your service need was posted as a project, our Service Point Analyst could even manage the bidding process for you, answering all posted service supplier comments, working with you to short list and prequalify viable candidates after checking their service portfolios for evident of experience, qualifications, work videos, visuals, audio, ratings, survey results, past jobs references and other requirements needs. From the short list, you and the Service Point Analyst continue to work together to decide who to hire, could be one, could be more service providers, no problem. Once a decision is made on who to hire, the system then triggers a request for key required documentations that could include statements of contract, warranties, copies of licenses; liability insurance etc to finalize the hiring process. From this point, the process could go to issuing of a purchase order, service orders, service order responses, invoicing, and payments and even analytics or proceed to a simple contract offer. You decide which direction to go. Did I tell you all the above processes are automated? Yes they are, very little input comes from you.
• If your service need is a bigger job that requires careful analysis, you will continue from # 1 below or…
• If you are not in any rush to get your project or job done, simply use your 360kmall account to post your service need as a project and manage it yourself and remember, your Service Point Analyst is always standing by and ready to assist you when need arises. Once a project is posted, 360kmall automatically send notifications to filtered qualified service providers within your geographical area of service need and invite them to submit bids or estimates for your job. You will personally screen the bids, short list contractors and choose a provider that meet your service need and received key documentations necessary from the service providers or work with the assistance of your Service Point Analyst at any point necessary. We never leave you alone to figure things out. We walk and stand behind you from beginning of your service need till total satisfactory service delivery. The era of searching the web for answers to your service needs is gone. Thank God for 360kmall.

1) For bigger projects, we recommend that you work with our Service Point Analyst to manage your entire service need experience from start to finish for our goal is to ensure your total satisfactory service experience.
Our Service Point Analyst could recommend the following minimum requirements for any Service Provider you want to hire:
• Possession of the right liability insurance ( mandatory)
 • Be security-cleared (mandatory)
 • Licensed and certified (if required – recommended)
• Possess a contractor’s worker’s compensation board insurance (if required - recommended)
• Have the necessary experience and qualification attested by at least 3 satisfactory references, satisfactory portfolio checks, ratings, past surveys etc (mandatory)
• Must be willing to write detailed service contracts, a statement of materials and work quality, a statement of warranties, supply copies of all documentations required and much more. 360kmall offers you close to 30 points vetting processes for you to choose from (if required).

2) As soon as your job is completed, your Service Point Analyst will contact you to ensure your 100% satisfaction. If there are any issues, they will be addressed from this point on until you are satisfied.

3) P.S. Remember that (depending on the service need), 360kmall guarantees your service for one full year. That means 100% free service if your repair, for example, fails within the guarantee period.

This might sound overwhelming but no worries, that is why we are here for you. Dp you have any service need and doubts,
just call us at 403-719-5644 or
simply visit www.360kmall.com.
If you need more information, please contact us at service [at] 360kmall.com